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Mixology.eu Ming River Baijiu Bringt Das Chinesische Traditionsdestillat Nach Europa

Mixology ming river baijiu
Der Journalist und renommierte Spirituosenexperte Peter Eichhorn hat sich im September mit Matthias Heger und Derek Sandhaus getroffen, um mehr über die Geschichte hinter Ming River Baijiu zu erfahren. In seinem Artikel stellt er die Gründer und die erlebnisreiche Geschichte 
von Ming River Bajiu vor.
The culinary journalist and highly renowned spirit-expert Peter Eichhorn met up with Matthias Heger and Jonathan Sandhaus in Berlin to get to know more about the history behind Ming River Baijiu. He tells his readers about the background of its founders and how the success of the  “Capital Spirits Bar” set the base for the development of Ming River Baijiu.
The article depicts the goal of Ming River Baijiu: To be as much Chinese as possible and only as international as needed. The mission of Ming River Baijiu is to translate Chinese culture to the western world. The distinguished flavor palette of Ming River Baijiu was created to form a Baijiu that is both true to its roots and easy to understand for the western market.
Hard work and countless tastings with New York Bartenders led the way to what now is a blend, that can be tasted both pure and in extraordinary cocktails.
Eichhorn further highlights Ming River’s focus on its goal to achieve general awareness of the category Baijiu. An introduction to the world of Baijiu is therefore necessary in order to really appreciate the quality of Ming River Baijiu.

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