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*nomyblog – Neu in Deutchsland: Baijiu von Ming River


In dem Artikel des Berliner Food-Journalisten Jan-Peter Wulff wird die Geschichte & Tradition sowie die Herstellungs- und Produktionsprozesse von Ming River Baijiu erläutert sowie das Aromenprofil und die Chancen von Ming River aud dem deutschen Bar-und Spirituosenmarkt

The article written by culinary journalist Jan-Peter Wulf describes the old tradition and production processes of Ming River Baijiu, from the 100 year old pits full of microorganisms, that survived wars and cultural revolutions, to the refined distillation and blending processes. The flavors of Ming River Baijiu, such as pink pepper, pineapple and anis, are viewed as exciting and innovative, that could highly influence the German bar-scene and build the base for interesting new cocktails customers have not seen before.

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