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Ming River Launches Cocktail Competition in Europe

MIng River Europe Launches the Ming Mandarins Bartender Cocktail Competition

The Challenge:

Create the next baijiu signature drink for the world.

Manhattan, Dry Martini, Daiquiri, Margarita, Moscow Mule, Pisco Sour – each category of spirits has one to two signature drinks, known by cocktail lovers and served in every better bar. But what about Baijiu? The Chinese sorghum spirit is traditionally enjoyed straight at room temperature and with food.

Who Can Enter?

Active bartenders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are invited to participate. The finale will take place in Berlin at the beginning of September. Ten finalists will be judged by a high profile jury including Peter Eichhorn (freelance journalist & author) and Kan Zuo (“The Sign” Bar, Vienna) and Michelin Star award winning Chef Sara Henke (“Yoso” Restaurant, Adernach Germany)

Ming River Mandarins Cocktail Competition judges (left to right): Kan Zuo ("The Sign" Bar, Vienna), Michelin Star award winning Chef Sara Henke ("Yoso" Restaurant, Adernach Germany), and Peter Eichhorn (freelance spirits journalist & author)


In mid-October (after the BCB) winner joins the Ming River team on a 5-day trip to China.  The program includes: A tour of Beijing, a visit to the street food markets in Chengdu, and a detailed tour of the Luzhou Laojiao distillery, where you can experience and see how Ming River is made. And of course, lots of authentic Sichuan cuisine.

In recognition of your outstanding performance, you will receive a cash prize money of € 1,000

Cash prize in the amount of 500, – €

A set of four different and rare baijius to try and experiment.

Official Contest Site

For more information about the competition and participation please visit the official competition website (in German) at mingriver-competition.eu