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The origin of Ming River

Our Story

Ming River is the original Sichuan baijiu. Using techniques passed down from master to apprentice for over twenty generations, it is an authentic and uncompromising Chinese grain spirit.

The journey to Ming River begins in the heart of Sichuan, China in the lush port city where China’s longest continuously operating distillery makes its legendary liquor.

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The origins of Ming River

About Baijiu

Baijiu pronounced bye-j’yo, meaning “white spirits” in Mandarin—is a category that encompasses all traditional Chinese grain spirits. Baijiu is most commonly distilled from sorghum, but is also often made from rice, wheat, corn and millet. Production techniques differ significantly by region and style, and different styles of baijiu can be as distinct as whiskey is to tequila.

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Where Ming River is Made

The Distillery

Luzhou Laojiao is located in Luzhou, in southwestern China’s Sichuan Province. Luzhou’s alcohol tradition spans nearly two thousand years, and boasts the creator of “big qu” baijiu in the fourteenth century, and the inventor of pit fermentation baijiu in the fifteenth century. Drawing upon their work, the Luzhou Laojiao distillery perfected Sichuan baijiu.

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