Ming River Chop Shop

Welcome to the Chop Shop

Collect Ming River bottle tops and redeem them for exclusive swag and prizes below.


How it works:

Ready to redeem your bottle tops? Please fill out the below order form. Then print your order form, and send your bottle tops + the order form to the below address. You can check out the prizes below the order form!
Please make sure that the name on the packaging and the order form match. You are responsible for the postage for your bottle tops.

Send Bottle Tops To:
Ming River, Inc
150 N. Santa Anita Ave Ste 220
Arcadia, CA 91006


Our Prizes:

  • Panda Mug
    2 tops
  • Opera Mask Mug
    2 tops
  • Sanxingdui Mug
    2 tops
  • Tiger Mug
    3 tops
  • Rabbit Mug (limited edition)
    2 tops
  • Rabbit T-Shirt (limited edition)
    2 tops
  • Dragon Mug (limited edition)
    3 tops
  • Dragon T-shirt (limited edition)
    3 tops
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